Melissa's Fundraiser


Melissa's Fundraiser

Melissa's Fundraiser

ANOTHER WONDERFUL UPDATE, 1/15/14--  I've had Grace a little over 1 year now, shocker I know. I'm so sorry that I didn't come back to this page earlier to do an update, but I'm not sure who even views this anymore. But thank you to each and every one of you who made this happen for me. Grace has been such a positive impact on my life, and a true blessing. Thank you all again for your kindness and donations. 


UPDATE 11/21--  Believe it or not, we're exactly $616 away from my final goal.  They said that I should get my dog by the end of the year!!!!  Me and my mom are so excited, and blessed for each & every one of your donations you've sent.

At this time, I also need gift cards to stores like PETCO and PETSMART, so I can save them to purchase dog food, a kennel, and anything else the dog may need in it's lifetime while living with me.  If you want to send me a gift card, please email me at and I will gladly give you my mailing address.


My name is Melissa Franklin. I am 20 years old, and I have autism. Autism is a disorder
involving a spectrum of symptoms causing impaired and delayed learning, difficulties with
impulse control, and inhibited social skills.
I am raising funds to obtain a service dog from Autism Service Dogs of America (ASDA), a nonprofit
organization in Lake Oswego, Oregon. You can find out more about autism service dogs
and Autism Service Dogs of America on their website at

Having a service dog will help me in many ways. It will help control my anxiety in new social
situations, reduce my depression by always being there for me, and encourage me to get out in
the community and exercise more. Having a dog will improve my mood, require me to socialize,
and increase my learning and general psychological and sociological development. A service
dog will also be a good companion for me since I live in an assisted living facility where all of the
other residents are elderly.

I need to raise $6,500 in donations to obtain my service dog. I am looking for merchandise,
service certificates and/or gift cards that I can use for a raffle, which is one event that I have
planned for fundraising. ASDA’s Federal tax identification number is 71-0888906 and I have a
copy of their 501(c)(3) letter if you would like to see it. I would be so grateful for your generosity
and if you call my mom, she would be happy to pick up any items that you might have for me.
Her name is Jeri Henderson and her phone number is 910-742-7911.

Another option to help me is to make a monetary contribution in the form of a tax-deductible
donation. If you are interested in doing this, please make your checks payable to ASDA and
mail it directly to them at 5232 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217. Please write my name,
Melissa Franklin, in the memo section of your check so your donation will be credited to me.


Please consider donating to my fundraiser-- no donation amount is too small!!!!

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