Martin Van Buren Alumni Alliance 2016


Martin Van Buren Alumni Alliance 2016

Martin Van Buren Alumni Alliance 2016

Martin Van Buren High School needs our help!

As we enter our third year, the Martin Van Buren Alumni Alliance has made great strides in helping our alma mater, but the school remains at a crossroads. Back in 2003, the NYC Dept. of Education ended zoning restrictions, leading to a massive exodus of students to Francis Lewis, Bayside, and Cardozo and effectively gutting MVB’s student population to fewer than 2000 students with less than a 50% graduation rate. In recent years, other Queens schools facing similar circumstances—including Andrew Jackson and Jamaica—have been shut down and carved up into multiple-use facilities.

The Alumni Alliance was created to help end this downward spiral and assist in the turnaround of the school. Our goal was to introduce a number of efforts designed to improve student engagement, offer guidance and leadership, and broaden the base of support for the academic, vocational, and extracurricular programs for the students.  In just a short time we have achieved a lot towards each of these objectives.

Three years ago, we created a partnership with a number of non-profit organizations including SUMMER SEARCH, that together create a comprehensive program to help revive MVB. It is our belief that, with the support of the alumni in association with programs like Summer Search and Let's Get Ready, we have the necessary skills, experience, and resources to help reverse the decline of the school. We have a description of all that the alliance is doing including details on all the programs we have introduced into the school this year on our website The impressive results and great work that all of our programs have achieved in other schools in NY (and in other cities) makes us confident that, together, we can accomplish a lot to help MVB.  

We know many of you have given generously to your college alma maters over the years. We are once again asking you to join us in this effort to support the High School that helped all of us achieve our goals. We recognize that this is just a start of what we as an alumni base of over 40,000 people are capable of accomplishing. It is our hope that, as we spread the word, we can tap into this vast and powerful network. We believe this is the first step in having a good number of us re-engage and collectively commit to working together to help the students, and the school, make progress.

We are reaching out to each of you in the hopes that many of you will contribute money to begin this process. Our goal is to raise $60,000 in order to continue our impactful efforts on behalf of the Martin Van Buren students and to date we have raised over $40,000 so please help us by contributing whatever you can.   

But this is just a start of what we would like to do. Money alone won’t meet all the needs of the school, however. We would also ask you to think about other ways that we can contribute to bringing MVB back to where it was when we all walked the halls: a thriving, vibrant, academically challenging school—among the best in NYC. In fact, rigorous enough to produce two Nobel prize winners.

Looking ahead, our plans include mentoring programs, internships, career day seminars, and job opportunities for the students. There are so many ways we can work together with the school, but we recognize that our small group cannot accomplish all of this alone. We believe that many of you—now that you understand what is happening—would be willing to support us, and hopefully join us as we mobilize this enormous alumni army for the greater good of MVB.

The time is now, and we believe essential that we begin this process together. Anything you can do WILL make a difference. We hope to hear from all of you, and we very much appreciate any capacity in which you might support our efforts.

Sincerely yours,

Anthony Pla '98

Kirby Lindell '73

Lloyd Fishman '69

Brian Greenspan '89

Stephanie Hochman '81

Alpa Yeagley '85

Adrienne Simons '77

Owen Rumelt '77

Steve Wilson '77

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Martin Van Buren Alumni Alliance 2016
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