Mad Rapture: Tickets for Kids

Tickets for Kids Charities

Mad Rapture: Tickets for Kids

Mad Rapture: Tickets for Kids

CLICK HERE  to download EP for free: BOOM!    (mirror)


Read on while the sweetness downloads...

Friends, family, lovers, haterz- M and P, co-creators of the new Pittsburgh-based electropop duo Mad Rapture are partnering with an amazing local charity, Tickets for Kids. With a few simple clicks, you can support a worthy charity and (we think) an amazing new music group! And hey, if you really hate our music, you can just feel good about making a charitable donation to support arts outreach to kids nationwide.

For less than you're probably spending on Friday night beer, download some sweet new tunes and get that delightful good-deeds-glow. That's right-- pay what you can (we're talking to you, broke recent college grad friends!), whether that's fifty cents or twenty dollars (who are you? Why are you paying us twenty dollars for five songs? Please take us home with you, kind, rich new friend!), and then download Mad Rapture's first EP, Heavy Sugar.


-Suggested donation to download the whole Heavy Sugar EP: $3
But don't feel bad about downloading for free!

-For a signed cd, sent to your home address (now we know where you live): $ 15, and then email us your contact info at (Please allow up to three weeks for your shweet cd. We're waiting on our first shipment.)

-For $100, if you live in the Pittsburgh area, we will come visit with a signed CD and wine. We will be drinking with you.


We've set a lofty goal of $2,000, one hundred percent of which will go to Tickets for Kids. Come on ya'll, we're counting on you to represent!

A little about Mad Rapture: An electroacoustic pop duo based in Pittsburgh. M is your vocalist and lyricist extraordinaire, P drops all the sick beatz and creates gorgeous instrumentals. A link to Mad Rapture's official website:


A little about Tickets for Kids: TFK is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that creates opportunities for underprivileged children to experience arts, cultural, educational, sporting, and family entertainment events and activities in their communities nationwide. A link to learn more about Tickets for Kids:

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