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Camp No Limits Idaho 2013

Coeur d' Alene Lake, Idaho

Madeleine's Camp Page

Hello Again,

My name is Madeleine Meyers and I am a first grade student at Queen Anne Elementary in Seattle Washington. This will be my second year going to Camp No Limits in Idaho. Camp is a very improtant summer event for me. You see, I was born with a complete absence of my fibula bone in my left leg. It is called Fibular Hemimelia and it means that when my mom was pregnant with me and my twin brother I developed what they think was a blood clot in my limb bud and my leg, foot and ankle didn't grow right. I was born with a curved bone in my shin and a beautiful little foot that wasn't very functional.

My foot was amputated when I was one year old. I learned to walk quickly with my prosthetic leg and eventually began running, biking, swimming and now I can even ride a unicycle. There is nothing I can't do! This year it has been my goal to spread the news about Limb Differences. To tell my friends and other kids that even though I am missing my foot I can still do everything they can. 

I'm looking forward to camp. It is a place where I can be with other kids like me. Where I can swim and have no one look at me funny and ask me about my leg. It is a place where I can experience new things, activities and meet new friends. This year my family and I plan to attend camp, but we also want to see other new families go to camp too. 

Please consider donating. Camp No Limits is a special place for me and for other kids like me.


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