NYC Marathon


NYC Marathon

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NYC Marathon

Hey yall,

Thank you for coming to my NYC Marathon page! I’m very excited to be a first-time runner in the NYC Marathon.

I’m running on behalf of a cause very close to my heart – the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. Huntington’s Disease is a rare degenerative brain disorder for which there is no cure. It slowly diminishes the affected person’s ability to walk, talk and reason. It affects those who have it emotionally, mentally and physically. Children of parents with HD have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the disease.

This disease is something that’s affected my family for generations. Someone once told me, "it's the club no one wans to be in." Unfortunately, we are. My grandmother was HD positive and eventually died from the disease. Some of my great aunts have suffered a similar fate. I found out at 13 years old that my mother was also HD positive. It has been a very difficult and tough road as it has affected her and my family. Because the disease is so rare (only about 225,000 people are affected or living “at risk”), there is not a lot of research or support around the cause.

So, I run for the research and breakthroughs that I hope will be made with the money I raise. I run for anyone affected by this incredibly cruel disease. I run for my Mom. I run for my Mom’s 3 fantastic sisters. I run for my amazing brother and sister. I run for me. And, I run for hope.

I look forward to crossing that finish line in November, and in the meantime I appreciate any support you can provide along the way – donations, training with me, playlists, hugs, high fives or even just coming to the big party you know we’ll be having post-Marathon :).

Thank you for your time and in advance for your support!

Lots of love,


The Huntington’s Disease Society of America Mission:
• To improve the lives of people with Huntington's Disease and their families.
• To promote and support research and medical efforts to eradicate Huntington's Disease.
• To assist people and families affected by Huntington's Disease to cope with the problems presented by the disease.
• To educate the public and health professionals about Huntington's disease.

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