Miley's 20th Birthday Fundraiser for Saving Spot! Dog Rescue


Miley's 20th Birthday Fundraiser for Saving Spot! Dog Rescue

Celebrating the birthday of Miley Cyrus

Miley's 20th Birthday Fundraiser for Saving Spot! Dog Rescue

Last year MileyOnline raised over 1,000 dollars for Starkey Hearing and this year more Miley fans are coming together to do it again and even bigger!

For Miley's 20th Birthday we wanted to raise $1000  for Saving Spot! Dog Rescue because of Miley's love for animals! Miley has helped this charity in the past with finding dogs safe and loving homes. 

Miley's pups Mary Jane and Happy were both rescued with the help of Saving Spot! Dog Rescue. She constantly tweets how much she loves her dogs and how they bring so much joy to her life so we thought donating to Saving Spot! would be the perfect birthday present along with Starkey Hearing.

To donate to the Starkey Hearing Foundation click here-

Again, no donation is to small! Anything will help!

We want the fans to be involved so when you donate you will get a thank you message with instructions on how to write Miley a birthday message.

All your personal information is safe and will not leave this site.

About Saving Spot! Dog Rescue
Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from Los Angeles county and city shelters.

Rescued animals are safely sheltered and cared for until we find their forever home through an application process. All rescued animals are immediately examined by our veterinarian (Dr. Tania White), micro-chipped, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered if age appropriate.

We rely solely on adoption fees and your generous tax deductible donations to fund our rescue and rehabilitation efforts. None of the owners nor employees of SPOT! benefit financially from our rescue dogs. We rescue dogs to give back to our local community and because of our true love of animals. We hope that by giving back in return you will shop at SPOT!, your local pet boutique.

If you are unable to adopt a dog, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue. Your donation will help defray the cost of surgery and other medical costs for rescue dogs, allowing us to rescues injured or abused dogs who would otherwise be destroyed.

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