Miley's 20th Birthday Fundraiser for Starkey Hearing Foundation


Miley's 20th Birthday Fundraiser for Starkey Hearing Foundation

Celebrating the birthday of Miley Cyrus

Miley's 20th Birthday Fundraiser for Starkey Hearing Foundation

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! Miley fans have come together to create another fundraising page for Miley's birthday!

This year we are hoping to raise $1000 for Miley's 20th Birthday, along with $1000 to Saving Spot! Dog Rescue.

We also hope to raise 1,000 dollars for Saving Spot! Dog Rescue: to donate click here

Starkey Hearing is such a wonderful organization, helping so many people! We are so happy to be raising money for them again in honor of Miley.

This cause is really close to Miley after going on two mission trips with Starkey Hearing Foundation to help children who have lost their hearing.

All donations are appreciated, nothing is too small!

Just like last year we will send your message and name to Miley on her birthday, November 23rd! Once you donate you will see a thank you note with instructions on how to leave Miley a birthday message!

When you donate all your personal information is safe and won't leave this site!

About the Starkey Hearing Foundation:

Bringing understanding between people through hearing care by focusing on awareness, education, protection and treatment, so the world may hear.
In 1984, the Starkey Hearing Foundation started with a simple premise: "Alone we can't do much. But, together we can change the world." With “So the World May Hear” as his goal, Starkey Hearing Foundation founder William F. Austin built an organization upon this vision. Today the Foundation is sustained by the efforts of thousands of volunteers and donors around the world. Your support allows us to deliver more than 50,000 hearing aids annually through more than 100 hearing missions a year in countries stretching from the U.S. to Vietnam. In addition to giving the gift of hearing, the Foundation promotes hearing health awareness while supporting research and education. Best of all, it’s easy for you to share in this life-changing experience because every dollar and every hour you contribute helps. Whether you participate by promoting hearing conservation or help make a hearing mission possible through a donation, you help give the Gift of Hearing.

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