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Ramah Bike Ride 2015

Noah Dropkin's Page

This April, I will turn 50. Naturally, that is a milestone that leads to reflection and sometimes nostalgia. To celebrate this milestone I wanted to do something that would give back to an organization that gave me great joy and brought wonderful friends into my life.  This May 12-19 I will ride in the 2015 Ramah Israel Bike Ride in support of the Camp Ramah Tikvah Program. I spent many magical summers at Camp Ramah Wisconsin, beginning when I was 11 years old. Almost 40 years later, I still have connections and friends from my time there; people that I only spent eight weeks a year with and yet I feel I grew up with them. The Camp Ramah Tikvah Program enables children with special needs to enjoy wonderful summer experiences just like I did. My brother, David, was a counselor and eventually group leader for this program at our Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.

Ramah is a pioneer in the field of inclusion for Jewish campers with a wide range of learning, developmental, cognitive, and social disabilities.  I came across this statement from a camper:

During our time at Camp Yofi, all we have to focus on is having fun. There are no goals, no therapies, no standards to meet.  There is simply acceptance of each individual for who they are, for the joy each brings and the creation of true chaverim.

Every contribution I raise will go ensure that children who might face many challenges in their daily lives, will have opportunity to experience the freedom and joy of summer camp.

Please support me in my effort by helping me realize my financial goal of raising $5,000.

Over five days and 350 miles, we will make our way from the Mediterranean to Golan, so I have a lot of work to do!  You can follow my training progress on my Facebook page ( and on Twitter (@ndropkin).

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