Project UP: Run 4 the homeless


Run 4 the Homeless

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Project UP: Run 4 the homeless

A long time ago, my life was hard.  Really hard.  Looking back twenty years, I'm amazed I made it as far as I have.  I don't know how I went from being a teen mom to a fifth-year student in a Ph.D. program. The road wasn't smooth.  It wasn't even straight.  All I know as I stand ready to run for the People's City Mission is that the few moments of generosity, the help that came from family and strangers, be that monetary or just the mentioning of a few kind words, helped me to keep going.

I can remember three trips over those years, long walks from the parking lot to the food bank distribution center.  I wasn't in Lincoln then.  I was just a shadow of who I would become.  And though my feet were heavy with shame, with the tired low spirit of poverty and disgrace, the food I received helped me to care for myself and my children.  It  gave me breathing room, time to think beyond the bare cupboard shelves.  I want more people to know that momentary peace, that respite from hunger and hopelessness.  

That's why I'm running this 5k and asking for your support.

Readers of my blog, Project Up, already know how hard I've been working to "Get Up, Out, and On with Life."  Part of that work is a spiritual journey to reclaim respect for my physical self.  Because of this, running a 5k to support People's City Mission and its programs to feed and support the homeless seems like a perfect blend of purpose and ethics.  If you've enjoyed even just one post, if you've read and felt your time wasn't wasted, I'd like you to consider helping me achieve my fundraising goal.

Though my dad would say otherwise, I really hate hitting people up for money.  I was thinking about this today, and I've come up with a plan:

Pints to Keep Pace.

Consider donating the cost of a good pint of beer ($4 to $5) to the cause.  Each pint will help me keep up the pace, will keep my feet hitting the pavement.  A pint by itself isn't a lot (but oh, how they add up!) .  It's just one of those weekend luxuries many of us take for granted, but if I can get 40 people to kick in a pint, so to speak, then I'll reach my goal before the run on June 11.

Donations through this website are secure, simple, and fast.  Supporting my work online means I won't come knocking on your door with an empty glass.  It will also mean supporting my commitment to living a present life, one that reaches into the lives of others, and in the process, helps me to be the woman I so wish to be.

Thanks again for your support of P'UP and the People's City Mission. 



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