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Ramah Hiking Trip 2015

New York, New York

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Camp Ramah in Canada has always been my home away from home.  I was blessed to have been a camper and staff member there in the past and am thrilled to have the opportunity now to work for the National Ramah Commission!  Camp Ramah gave me much of my Jewish education, instilled my Jewish identity, and connected me with my Jewish friends.  I am forever grateful to my parents for sending me so many years ago and now Aaron and I have the blessing to be able to send our own children to Camp Ramah in Canada.  Caleb went this summer as a camper in Edat Garinim!   

I spent a month at camp this summer working as a Yoetzet.  It was an incredible opportunity to connect with campers, staff, and parents.  I was also able to interact with some of the campers in the Tivkah program, which includes our campers with special needs.  What an incredible program it is.  These campers are fully integrated into camp life and have positive, consistent, and powerful connections and relationships with all of the campers and staff.  One Shabbat afternoon, during Mincha, we were enjoying a wonderful service by the Bamah overlooking the Agam.  As the Torah came out and we prepared to listen, the Tikvah campers were the ones who said the berachot, the Tikvah campers were the ones who read from the Torah, and the Tikvah campers were the ones who dressed and wrapped the Torah.  They did all of these things with their camper partners in Edat Magshimim and I couldn't help but sit and watch with tears in my eyes.  The ways in which the Tikvah campers were impacted by that Jewish experience were many, but truthfully, the rest of us were probably impacted more.  This is a tiny example of why the Tikvah program is so important.  This is why I am hiking through Israel in May 2015.  Raising funds for this program and others like it at Ramah camps around the country is that important.   The added impact is that Israel needs us now too and I am going to support Israel by travelling there while supporting theTivkah program. It is a win win.

I hope and pray that you will support my endeavour and more impotanly support Tikvah!  I am grateful to have the oppportuntiy to help raise money for such an incredible and important program.

Todah Rabah and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

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