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Yoga for Youth | 108 Inspired Sun Salutations

Portland, Oregon

Rhen Miles' Page


I have been a fan of Street Yoga and have volunteered in various capacities for several years. I am a social worker and working on my PhD in Social Research with a specific interest in bettering institutions that serve youth. The places that guide children and youth through their lives must be compassionate, inclusive, equitable, relationship-oriented, and able to engage youth across multiple identities. Street Yoga offers a space for young people in various organizations to relax, breathe, center, and increase self awareness. I am grateful to have the opportunity to teach yoga and to be taught by the youth I encounter. I am excited to participate in this fundraising event. Your sponsorship of any amount will fuel my intention to give with CREATIVITY, FUN, and PURPOSE.

 I invite you to back my intention to give with creativity, fun, and purpose in 2014. On New Year’s Day I will hardwire this intention into my being by repeating it along with every sun salutation. Each sun salute supercharges my intention and raises money to give yoga to youth. Please contribute and help me achieve my goal!

All funds raised go directly to Street Yoga to bring more yoga and mindfulness practices to youth who need it most – especially youth who are wihtout homes, incarcerated, and those suffering from trauma. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. Check out the video link on the right to learn about Street Yoga’s life changing work with youth.

Please forward this to anyone who will help supercharge my intention and donate to my campaign for Street Yoga!

Many thanks for your support! May your generosity return to you ten fold.

PS. If you’ll be in Portland, join me after the sun salutations at Beloved’s Alchemy of Intention!

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