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Rona Greenberg's Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

My sisters and I were part of an early cllinical study in 1997 for the BRCA mutation. Our mother died at age 43 from breast/ovarian cancer and our grandmother died at age 40, from breast cancer. Fortunately, my three sisters tested negative for the mutated BRCA gene. However, my test results were positive; I had the BRCA2 mutated gene. Being proactive, I immediately became involved with a high risk surveillance program and in 1998 had a total hysterectomy. I enrolled in the STAR trial and in 2002 came across FORCE on the internet. This  was exactly what I was searching for - an organization dedicated exclusively to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. I found Sue Friedman and became a member of her force of compassionate, intelligent women AND men, who were experiencing a similar journey as mine and willing to share their strength and confidence with me. At age 62, I was diagnosed with DCIS, Stage 0, and had bilateral mastectomy with total reconstruction. I was educated and empowered to make informed decsions; I was a member of FORCE.   I believe in paying it forward - that is why I remain a dedicated member of FORCE and I have taken on the role of co-coordinator of the FORCE North Jersey Group.

Yet, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before my two beautiful daughters would need to be tested. You see, children of BRCA+ parents have a 50% risk of carrying the mutated gene. Unfortunately, both of my daughters tested positive for the BRCA2 mutated gene. 

My DAUGHTERS are my Heroes!!! They are beautiful! They are strong! They are intelligent! They have the knowledge and empowerment to make informed decisions. Yes, there will be difficult decisions for my daughters to make as they each continue to navigate their own personal journey. However, I am very positive that their choices will be made from the place of empowerment and knowledge provided by FORCE!

Please help my daughters and me in our campaign to help FORCE bring life-saving education and resources to all who need it in their fight against hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Be a Hero and support FORCE.

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