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Spotlight on Science

Welcome to the fund-raising page for Spotlight on Science, a career exploration day organized to inspire high potential students to careers in science and technology.

The idea is to bring inner-city, disadvantaged kids with high science potential to Boston's Museum of Science where they can be inspired by specifically-recruited science/technology professionals.  High potential but financially disadvantaged kids lack networks of professionals in their lives that inspire them to seek jobs in science and technology.  Concerned citizens who know the importance of career inspiration can make a difference.

Citizen Schools already has a group of enrolled students with high aptitude for math/science who can participate.  The Museum of Science offers an excellent context for conversations about math and science and can provide a student-friendly environment for structured activities to ignite interest and share perspectives on careers in STEM.  Therefore, we are bringing together professionals and students on Saturday, March 24, 2012, for a day at the Museum of Science.  Join us in inspiring the next generation of science/tech leaders!

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