Standing Strong w LBDA: Stepping Forward for Those Who Can't


Standing Strong w LBDA: Stepping Forward for Those Who Can't

Standing Strong w LBDA: Stepping Forward for Those Who Can't

“C’mon Mom, just step forward.  You won’t fall”

I might as well have asked her to leap into the Grand Canyon.

I’d never seen behavior like this from anyone, let alone Mom.  We didn’t know it at the time, but Mom had Lewy body dementia.  She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years earlier but was always so sharp mentally.  Then this!  We attributed the hallucinations to new surroundings and stress – and Mom always had a tendency to worry.  But not being able to step from carpet to tile?  Wow.

We went on-line and researched the symptoms.  Sadly that day, we discovered Lewy body dementia.    A few days later, her doctor confirmed it.  Fortunately, we also discovered the Lewy Body Dementia Association.   In the 2 ½ years that Mom lived after that day, we visited the LBDA web site frequently.  While we knew Mom’s condition would not improve, we learned how to help her, and also learned that we were not alone. 

Lately, running has become sort of a personal passion.  I do some of my best thinking with each step.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how Mom couldn’t walk at all as her LBD progressed.  So in tribute to her and to help all LBD families, I am going to donate $5.00 for every mile I run during October, LBDA’s Awareness Month.  I commit to running 150 miles and my goal is to raise at least $80 per mile, or $12,000 dollars in total, to benefit LBDA during the month of October.  I invite you to contribute by clicking DONATE below!

Please join us by Standing Strong for LBDA, stepping forward for those who can’t. Many thanks for your support, and remember to forward this to others who might want to help, too.

Together in Service,

Angela Herron
LBDA Board of Directors


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