Streak for Mia


Streak for Pediatric Stroke 2013

Streak for Mia

At 2 am, I was awakened by the hospital pediatrician. She told me that my baby was having "seizure activity" and that they were giving her anti-seizure medications and getting her ready to move to a bigger hospital. I got up, two days after my c-birth to slowly walk across the hall to the special care nursery where I saw Mia naked except for her diaper, and all wired up to sensors and under bright lights with nurses and doctors all around.

The next day, by phone from my hospital bed, I authorized various tests including an MRI. Later that day, they called to tell me that the MRI revealed that Mia had suffered a stroke, left middle cerebral artery infarct, no midline shift, no hemmorage. 

Thus began my awareness of pediatric stroke. My older daughter, Zoe, was at home with my sister, hoping to come see "her baby" again real soon.

That was nearly four years ago. Mia spent 9 days in the NICU, mostly waiting for the doctors to tune the dosage of anti-seizure meds. We've seen more than a dozen doctors and at least as many therapists.

Now, Mia is almost 4 and her big sister Zoe is 6. Mia is doing phenomenally well. She can ride her bicycle, as pictured, and is learning to do the monkey bars. She has a great spirit, tremendous perseverence, and empathy. She still has challenges with fine motor dexterity with her right hand. Most people who meet her wouldn't know that she had a stroke. It's hard to see with an untrained eye.

I am streaking for Mia and to raise awareness about pediatric stroke by posting to my blog and sharing it on Facebook daily for the month of May.

Please join me in supporting, Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, which has been a great resource of information and support for me in parenting Mia and Zoe on this journey.

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