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ADOPT 19th Annual “Makin’ Strides for Strays” Walkathon

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Windy & The Wonder Dogs' Page

Hi Everyone!

I’m Windy, Team Captain for “The Wonder Dogs,” a team of current canine residents here at the shelter who are getting involved in this year’s “Makin’ Strides for Strays” Walkathon!  We decided to raise funds to help as many dogs as possible who find themselves here at A.D.O.P.T..  Many of us have medical issues that can be very costly to treat, and if it weren’t for A.D.O.P.T. we might not be given the chance to find forever homes.

I arrived as a stray and like many strays, had “issues.”  I am one of the many dogs who required treatment for heartworm.  In addition, I had many scary tumors that required removal.    Being a senior (8-10 years old) also makes people shy away from me.  I sure hope my forever family comes for me some time soon, but meanwhile I want to do my part to help the great people here at A.D.O.P.T. raise funds to help many dogs like me.

As Captain for “The Wonder Dogs” I am in charge of raising funds for our team.  Each dog in the main kennel wants to raise $100!! So that means we want to raise a whopping $2,800 total!! Can you help us to achieve our fundraising goal?   These funds become so important when one of us needs special surgery or a special procedure.   We need your help to ensure that all our canine-friends get what they need.  Can you help us to meet our goal and “make strides for strays” like us, so that we all get the attention and care that is needed while awaiting our forever homes.

We are all counting on YOU!



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