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Martin Richard Foundation

Team MR8 Boston Marathon 2014

Boston, Massachusetts

Tina Cassidy's Page

Why am I running the Boston Marathon when I don't even like to run that much?

I asked to be a part of Team MR8, the foundation established by the family of Martin Richard, who died at the finish line last year. I am doing this because I am inspired by the strength of the Richards, and the message of "No more hurting people - peace" that Martin left behind in the picture you see to the right. As a mother of three boys, it's in and through Martin's memory that I hope to complete 26.2 miles on April 21, running toward the finish line in Copley Square instead of away from it. I also hope to give my own three sons a much different memory of the marathon, one in which they see that people are brave, kind and good to each other, and that out of tragedy, we can work together to make the world a better place. That's where your donation comes in.

It will help establish peace maker programs in schools, as well as retrofit playgrounds and provide adaptive sports opportunities for amputees, such as Martin's little sister Jane, who lost a leg in the bombings, and others with physical limitations.

Please consider donating any amount here and join me in being an ambassador for peace.

Thank you so much!

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