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MS Run the US - 2015 Relay

Los Angeles, California
Training buddies Larry Kelley, Kelli McDonald, Vanessa Urbach, Kim Moore

Tracy Killion's Page



Relay Runner for the MS Run the US - 2015 Relay

What:  The MS Run the US - 2015 Relay is a 3,000 - mile relay across America to raise awareness and funds to help CURE Multiple Sclerosis (MS)!  The Relay begins on April 12th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA and is completed on  August 15th, 2015 in New York, NY.

Eighteen runners have been selected to run on average 160-miles over six consecutive days during their individually assigned segment.  Each runner dedicates a week of running on the road with the Relay, while collectively the Relay spans a distance and duration of 3,100-miles in 4.5 months.

Bio Overview:

I grew up as an overweight child and teen.  After I got married and had two children, my weight continued to rise.  I reached a point in my life that I got tired of letting my weight and my body hold me back. I decided it was time to make changes in my life so that I could be around for my children and family.  In the process of losing 100 pounds, I found my real passion in life.   I found health and wellness and wanted to start sharing this with others.  I worked to become certified as a personal trainer and went back to school for my associates degree in Human Health and Performance. Today I try to inspire others with my passion by leading by example.

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My running story:

I began running in 2010 to try losing those final pounds.  I had never been athletic or active as a kid or teen.   In fact, I was unable to run the mile for our PE class.  I started by training for a half marathon.   I learned so much in the training process.  After running the half marathon I knew I wanted to further my goals and run a marathon.  It was around this time I started to run with the local running group.  I met so many people; everyone was so helpful and encouraging.   It was in this process I found that running was giving me more than I could have ever dreamed.  I developed new friendships and connections, and I found a place to unwind from my hectic schedule.  Since then, I have ran 15 marathons and several other distance races.  Running has given so much to me.   This is one reason why I applied to be a runner for the 2015 MS Run the U.S. Relay.

My father and his sister both live with MS.   My hope is that I can help to raise awareness of MS through my efforts and help to raise money for research in finding a cure for the disease.

Relay segment: Wray, Colorado to Holdredge, NE; June 10-15; 165 miles

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