ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME: Keep Girls in School


ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME: Keep Girls in School

ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME: Keep Girls in School

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Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.  With a suggested minimum donation of ten US dollars (USD $10), it is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. All funds (after a small portion is given to FirstGiving for costs, etc.) are given directly to the One School at a Time organization.

We are a group of four University of Wyoming students currently enrolled in an honors Philanthropy in the 21st Century course. As part of our exciting and fulfilling course, we have chosen to help One School at a Time to raise funds for a solar cell phone charger to be installed at the Kukanga Government Primary School in Uganda as part of One School at a Time's efforts to provide a sustainable and lasting change that promotes the children's, especially girls' education. The total cost for a solar cell phone charging station is US $1,200. 

How the heck does a solar cell phone charging station keep children, especially girls in school and gaining an education in Uganda?  Because so many community members have cell phones and have to walk two hours roundtrip to charge their cell phones, a solar cell phone charging station located centrally at the Kukanga school would be very useful and well supported. And, since the Kukanga school would charge a nominal fee for the use of the solar charging station, a small amount of funds would be generated: enough to provide maintenance of the Kukanga school's clean water system and enough to supply school girls with sanitary napkins.

How does a clean water supply promote education, especially girls' education in a rural school in Uganda? As a part of the Ugandan culture, girls fetch water. And because schools need water for cooking, cleaning, consumption, etc., girls must fetch the water, often from very remote swamps and watering holes which are unsanitary. These water trips are often dangerous for girls to take as they are put at risk for being raped while getting water. Aside from being very dangerous, the trips which girls take to fetch water cut out on their learning time: girls often miss two or more class periods trying to fulfill their water duties. With a clean water cistern system currently being placed at the Kukanga school, the nominal fees from the solar charging system would be used to help maintain the system should it need maintenance or repair, thus eliminating the need for girls to leave the school grounds for water and thus keeping girls safe from rape and harm and also keeping girls in school. 

How do sanitary napkins promote girls' education in rural Uganda? Across most cultures, puberty and particularly menstruation is a sensitive subject for girls and for women. This is very true for Ugandans, also. All too often, without access to expensive feminine hygiene products, Ugandan and African schoolgirls end up dropping out of school upon beginning menstruation: the stigma and embarrassment of having no way to contain nor clean up the blood from their uniforms and themselves keeps them from being in school. With funds generated from a solar cell phone charging station to provide feminine hygiene products and sanitary napkins for school girls, girls will no longer have to forego school because of their maturing bodies. 

We feel One School at a Time's cause to be very important and very well planned. One School at a Time is a responsible, forward-thinking, and reputable non-profit and non-governmental organization that works using methods that have been proven to work in similar Ugandan school settings and methods that are largely determined and agreed upon and implemented by the villagers and community members whose children attend the schools that One School at a Time partners with to create sustainable improvement and change. Please feel free to visit One School at a Time's site and Facebook page:

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Also, please feel free to visit our honors Philanthropy in the 21st Century class Facebook page:

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ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME: Keep Girls in School
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