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2013 Washington Rock & Walk

Tacoma, Washington

Nathan Kaauamo's Page

If you know me you know how important my family is to me and how much I love and adore my nephews and my niece. My family is my driving force that motivates me every day and they inspire me to be a better person. That is why I am joining the Tears Foundation’s Walk and Rock fundraising event, and I am asking for your support. The Tears Foundation assists with bereaved families with their baby’s funeral expenses and with ongoing emotional support.

If you have any kids or if you know anyone who has any, you understand how much of a blessing that they are. You can identify with the joy that they bring you when you have a long day or their smile or laugh can turn the worst day into the best day. As they grow and develop and you see the things that they learn over time, it brings great pleasure knowing that you can share in those experiences. Knowing and understanding how much my nephews and my niece mean to me is why this walk is so important to me.

On December 10, 2012, my sister Aulani gave birth to my third nephew Mealoha “Mac” Crawford. Throughout my sisters pregnancy we knew that there were certain complications but as a family we prayed and hoped that God would provide a miracle and allow baby Mac to survive the birth. Although he is not alive today, my nephew survived the birth and my sister was able to hold him in her arms while he was alive, which was longer than the doctors expected. The hardest thing to comprehend for me would be holding one of my nephews for the first time and knowing that it would also be my last.

Our faith in God and support from friends helped my family get through this experience. I will never forget that day because I wanted to do anything I could to help and I spent the whole day watching my nephews Ikaika and Aliimalu. I cherish every second that I get to spend with them and I just wanted to be there for them on that day, but in hindsight I know that they were the ones who were there for me. The Tears Foundation helps assist in the situation where someone would have to make funeral arrangements for a child. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It will also contribute to my fundraising efforts. Donations will be accepted through June 15th. If you are unable to donate I encourage you to share my story and help me raise enough money to reach my goal so that we can do anything and everything we can to help someone who faces this situation. Thank you for your time

Uncle Nate Nate

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