Up and In for Doctors Without Borders


Up and In for Doctors Without Borders

Up and In for Doctors Without Borders

Thank you for making a donation to a great charity in this time of need.  This site is safe and secure, so please do not hesitate to give.  Once your donation is received, your receipt will contain a message with the email address to send your submission.  If you have any issues with the email address, please email me at closerofthefuture@gmail.com (this is NOT the address to send your submissions).

It makes no difference if you disclose your identity when donating or choose to remain anonymous.  Either way you will be able to enter the contest and get the receipt from First Giving for the tax deduction.

This page will be up all season but contest entries will only be accepted until Sunday, April 3.



Everyone has to pick the 8 playoff teams (no penalty/bonus for picking  the division winner or wild card, you just need to pick the 8 teams): 1 point for each playoff team picked

3 points for picking the 4 winners of the ALDS/NLDS (each winner you pick is 3 points)

5 points for the 2 winners of the ALCS/NLCS

10 point for world series winner

Tiebreaker: Elvis Andrus Slugging Percentage

PRIZES (First place gets first choice, second gets second choice, etc etc etc)

5 baseballprospectus.com 1 year subscriptions (or 12 month extension of current account)

3 copies of Baseball Prospectus 2012

1 "Listener of the Week" Guest Appearance on Up and In

1 One Hour Fantasy Consultation with Marc Normandin- Baseball Prospectus fantasy expert

1 signed copy of Forging Genius by Steven Goldman

1 signed copy of The Extra 2% by Jonah Keri

1 signed copy of the 2012 Newberg Report by Jamey Newberg

1 chance to go to a game with Jason or Kevin (providing you live locally/can be in the vicinity of one of them at a convenient time)

Last Place Prize: Jason will call you and "complain about stuff"

Prizes Added Since The Podcast Recorded

1 Autographed bobblehead of former podcast guest Scot Drucker

1 Autographed Copy of Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit by Neil deMause & Joanna Cagan

 1 Custom Fantasy Team Logo from http://www.rotologo.com/index.html

This page is no longer accepting donations