Sahara Desert Run

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Sahara Desert Run

Training buddies Jude Ryan

Sahara Desert Run

Take one look at Malcolm and you’d guess he’s not a runner. You’d be right: he’s spent the better of the past 14 years sitting in a chair in a dark room, creating visual effects for movies that we then watch… sitting in chairs, in dark rooms.

Cut to the glare and panoramic vastness of the Sahara desert. That’s where you’ll find Malcolm in early October 2011, traveling 35 kms per day for 7 days, on foot.


The Racing the Planet ultramarathon passes through the Valley of the Whales, a haunting open-air crypt where the bones of ancient whales lie under the formidable Sahara sun, preserved for 40 million years by the desert environment.
These ancient whales had small legs still dangling from their bodies as they swam, a remnant from their days on land, before their return to the sea.

Malcolm works to secure rights for whales, and is in production on his feature documentary, Whale Like Me.

When his childhood friend Jude called him from Hong Kong to invite him to run the Sahara desert run, he overcame his misgivings about his lack of fitness with the poetry he saw in the race. A variety of human ill adapted to running (the visual effects artist) having to find his runners legs in support of a life form that long ago decided to lose theirs.

Please sponsor this unlikely runner. You will be supporting the work of the Ocean Alliance, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

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