Beat Steve Peat - Racer's Guild Charity Event


Beat Steve Peat - Racer's Guild Charity Event

Beat Steve Peat - Racer's Guild Charity Event

Welcome to the Racer's Guild of Cannock Chase fundraising page!  Steve Peat will be joining us on November 15 to help raise money for Stephen Murray through the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF). 

The event has now come and gone, but the donations keep pouring in!  Thanks to the generous hearts of riders, their friends and their families in the Midlands, Yorkshire, and beyond we were able to far exceed our expectations!

In addition to the money you see raised below for ARF, we have sent off a check for £2,593 directly to the Stephen Murray Family Fund from funds raised on Nov 15.  That means the total funds raised has exceeded

£5,900 !!!

On behalf of the Racer's Guild, Steve Peat and Max Feetham, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting Stephen Murray, his family and the ARF!

Registration for the event is obviously closed, so we will not take any more entry donations via this website, but we will still accept donations!   If you are sponsoring a rider, then please give generously as much as you'd like!

Donation Targets:

£10 ($15) – Gets you 2 runs in a normal Racers Guild timed practice in the morning

£50 ($75) – Gets you 2 runs in the morning and 1 timed practice in the main afternoon event

£100 ($150) – Gets you 2 runs in the morning and 2 timed practice runs in the main afternoon event.


You will need to use a UK credit card to donate - Debit cards won't work!

We are using this American website because ARF is a US registered charity, and this is the best way to help Stephen Murray with online donations.

For more information on the event, ARF, and Stephen Murray, visit these links:

The Beat Steve Peat charity event webpage
Visit for our homepage.

The Athlete Recovery Fund website
(Note: please use this page for donations, not the ARF website.)

YouTube video about Stephen Murray's accident and recovery

Stay strong Stephen!  You are an inspiration to us all!

Stephen Murray was a top British BMX dirt jumper who was competing in a big American event last year when he had a tragic and life changing crash.  Severe spinal cord damage left him paralyzed from the neck down and his family and most of the BMX world in shock.  But Stephen is fighting hard to recover, with his wife and two young boys providing the motivation to walk again.  It is an inspritational and emotional the video above to see for yourself!  ARF was started shortly after to help athletes like Stephen pay for the huge medical expenses and support costs.  Steve Peat was eager to help Stephen through ARF, it was his idea after all!

This page is no longer accepting donations
Beat Steve Peat - Racer's Guild Charity Event
Benefitting the Athlete Recovery Fund