Aaron Zukoski's Fundraising Page


Aaron Zukoski's Fundraising Page

Aaron Zukoski's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my donation page!

The Goal

In riding my bike from Panama City to San Francisco, I am initiating a grassroots fundraising effort to help raise money for a school constuction project in a small village near Jalapa, Guatemala. All proceeds will go to PLAN USA for this project. My goal is to raise a minimum of 15,000 dollars. In doing so I also hope to bring the plight and struggle of these children into the concious of the public, as well as their profound sense of life, courage, hope and faith. Their undeniable love for life, and ability to continue to dream.

Check out Plan USA if you have a moment. www.planusa.org

I´ve set four different levels of donations. No matter what you give to this fundraiser it´s much appreciated. Of course, you can donate any sum you like, but I also want to make it easy for you. Below you´ll find four different levels of donations with a brief description. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. All donations are a tax write off and administered by www.firstgiving.com.
This is a grassroots event. I strongly believe that a $2 donation can make a difference. With that said, can you spend a few extra moments and pass the message forward? Do you belong to facebook, Orkut, myspace, friendster, linkdin, have hundreds of contacts in your email, have hand written address in your desk back in the office or belong to any other social or professional networking group? You know all those times you asked yourself, ¨why do I have all these contacts when I rarely use them¨? Here´s your chance for you and you´re friends to join Plan USA to help make that change.
Can you donate $24 today? Did you know that is the cost of sponsoring a child per month? If you can do it once then maybe you can sponsor a child for good. For many, sponsoring a child is one of the most full filling and rewarding contributions there is.
Dedicate a day of the ride to a friend, family member, associate our your company. With a $50 donation I will dedicate a day of the ride to whoever or whatever you like. E-mail me at azukoski@gmail.com and give me the details. I´ll post the story along with the days journal on www.lasthillbeforehome.blogspot.com.
Would you like to become an official sponsor? Can your company donate $200 to the cause? With this level of a donation I will post your company logo on my sponsorship bracket on www.lasthillbeforehome.blogspot.com. Become a corporate sponsor and help those who need it most. E-mail me at azukoski@gmail.com for more info.
If you would rather send in a check, here is the information:
Check should be made out to:   Plan USA                
The reference section should state:  For Aaron’s Bike Ride
Mailing address: 
Plan USA
Attn:  Shirly King
155 Plan Way
Warwick, Rhode Island  02886
For all my Canadian Friends you can make a check out to the person below...

Attention: Paula Butler

Plan Canada

95 St. Claire Avenue West

Suite 1001


Ontario  M4V3B5

Please indicates on the check or by note,  the money is for the following grant #: Biker-School Report-Cameron Jalapa   #  GTM0116.
Don´t be a stranger and visit often! I promise to keep up my blog as fast as the Internet connection in Latin America allows. Leave comments, pass out the link and donate when or if you can. Again...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
With much love...
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Aaron Zukoski's Fundraising Page
Help the children of Central America!