Isaiah's Fundraising


Walk & Rock at Safeco Field

Seattle, Washington
Training buddies Duane Smith

Isaiah's Fundraising

Hi everyone!

Duane and I have decided to participate in The Tears Foundation's Annaul Walk & Rock at Safeco this year on June 27th.  The Tears Foundation is an amazing group that financially helps families with funeral expenses when they have been devestated by the death of their baby. 

As we know from firsthand experience it is unbelievably hard when your baby dies.  For most parents making the funeral arrangements and deciding where to put their baby's body to rest is the only way they can care for their child.  It's tragic, sad and difficult, but it is necessary and important for the parents to have the opportunity to care for their child in their own special way.  

Isaiah's life was very short, but has changed us forever.  We want to see some good come out of this tragedy and feel that if we don't use his life and death to show more compassion for others... then where is the value in his death?  We love him very much and want other families to receive help they may need because of our love for him.  

Times are tough, but if you feel it is right for you to give I am sure there are local families that would greatly appreciate your generosity.

"The Lord willfulfill His purpose for me..." Psalm 138:8  

~Abbie & Duane



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Isaiah's Fundraising
It's heartbreaking when a baby dies...