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Barnabas Accounts

Barnabas Accounts

Hi!  If you're here you probably know me either as that adventurous friend who took the plunge to travel in Africa for the better part of a year, or as a PEER Servants volunteer who spent the last 3 months in Northern Uganda helping a Christian Microfinance Institution (CAFECC) empower people struggling to survive in a region with few economic opportunities.  This page is about my latter experience as a volunteer.

During my time in Northern Uganda, I worked with CAFECC (Christian Action for Empowering Church & Community) to roll out new initiatives that will help them decrease loan delinquencies and grow the organization.  I also spent the lion's share of my time designing and creating the content for CAFECC's new website.  My time here was extremely fruitful and while Im sure I blessed the community with my work, I too was extremely privileged to experience a warm and rich culture in Arua, Uganda.

As most of you know, on May 24 as I was travelling back to the main city of Kampala from Arua, I was in a serious bus accident that left me bleeding to death on the side of a road.  I suffered a deep laceration and multiple fractures to my right shoulder. While I am back home in Canada recuperating, the journey will be long and tough as my bones heal, and more surgery is performed.  I hope to make a full recovery, but my wallet, alas, has not shared the same fate.  Travel insurance does not cover everything, and my family & I were saddled with thousands of dollars of unexpected expenses involved in caring for me and getting me back home where I would receive proper medical treatment.

Despite this setback, Im still madly in love with the idea of microfinance, and hope to discover what other opportunities wait for me by attending Reciprocity 2011 -- A conference put on by PEER Servants that brings together their Christian microfinance partners from around the world for a week of fellowship and learning.  

I would be so happy making it to Reciprocity this July, and your donations here would easily help fulfill that dream by offsetting the costs associated with my injury.  The funds collected will be handled by PEER Servants and are tax-deductible for US donors.  The funds will then be reimbursed to me to help cover the costs of attending Reciprocity 2011 and some of my hefty unanticipated Uganda expenses.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. If you feel moved by what you read, please consider donating today. Your gift will indeed help me, but will also help those that I work with in the area of microfinance.  Finally, don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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