BGR Walk to Feed the Hungry: CA Bay Area Event


BGR Walk to Feed the Hungry: CA Bay Area Event

San Jose, California

BGR Walk to Feed the Hungry: CA Bay Area Event

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This walk will be a great chance to see different practice centers and make spiritual friendships with the various meditators who will attend the event. Doing a walk of compassion on ten years after the 9/11 disaster is a great way to feel empowered in using the Buddha's teachings to truly "turn things around". Much better than staying home and watching some old footage...

We create our future through our intentional actions. Whether one joins in because of interest in the exercise, the free lunch, or mindfully walking in silence, we can all benefit from this opportunity to grow in our own sense of well-being, even as we model good values and gather strength to help others. The growing world's population needs more help now than ever before in this time of ecological and economic crises, as employment and food are scarce for many. These are causes and conditions that bring about "terrorism", and compassionately helping people before they become desperate is actually a great way to develop a Homeland Security of Love in the heart.

We in the West live in an environment of increased fear and competition. We don't want to lose our material comfort, yet this "comfort" leads to a closed heart which is not joyous or relaxed or content. We Americans need to be nourished by ancient wisdom and come back to the basics of generosity, virtue, and meditation so that true happiness can enter our lives.

We have the power to turn things around. Please join us in a practical and personal experience of growth through the action of determined practice and compassion on this all day Walk to Feed the Hungry, either by coming out to walk or by giving generously to support those who can attend. Thanks to BGR's sensitive and careful stewardship, your gifts will make a world of difference in people's lives.

Yours in the Dhamma,

Ajahn Guna

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