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2009 Polar Plunge Palatine

Palatine, Illinois

Alan Takei's Fundraising Page

On March 1, 2009 at 1:00 PM, I'm going to do something really stupid for a good reason.  I'm going to dive into the frigid waters of Twin Lakes in Palatine, Illinois to raise money for the Special Olympics.  I'm doing this idiotic thing with some of my friends and colleagues at the SCHAUMBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT.  Right now, there are six of us involved in the plunge; DENIS SCHMITT, ROB RUISZ, PETE CASTRITSIS, HOLLY GROFF, STEWART WING and I.  The money is all going to the same place so if you don't want to donate to me, please donate it to one of my other colleagues.  I know I would pay money to see Pete lying shivering in a fetal position, so I know it's worth it!   So, if you want to see us suffer miserably for a few minutes, great...if you want to donate money to see us suffer miserably for a few minutes, even better.  And if you don't want to donate, show up anyway, we could use a cheering section.  If you decide you want to make the plunge with us, you can sign up the day of, at noon.   My funeral service will be the following Saturday.

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Alan Takei's Fundraising Page
I'm a moron for doing this