Alan Sims


2012 CURE's Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time

Alan Sims

Alan is a 69-month cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in November 2006. ALL is a cancer of the white blood cells; treatment of this disease for boys is 36 months. Alan completed his treatment in July 2010 and in January 2012 he had his first appointment at AFLAC’s Survivor Clinic in which he went through several test/scans/labs/x-rays you name it. All is organs, bones, heart were fine/normal. Alan will have to go to the survivor's clinic annually until 18.

This year Alan will be in the 6th grade attending middle school. He is a quiet thinking and observant type kid which did not change during his journey he pondered questions, procedures, or results and tried to pull something positive out of it with his smile and charismatic attitude. Alan and his family have work hard together to help him overcome a lot since November 8, 2006. Even though there are still more obstacles to overcome, the faith in God that He has a purpose for this child and more work to do. He is working very hard to keep up with his schooling, making strides everyday as this was and still is a difficult area for him with his short term memory being affected. His spirits are up and there are parties for all passing grades because he always gives his best. Alan is still tackling the high cholesterol which was close to normal during treatment.

Since his treatment he continues to be an avid basketball player and fan who hopes to one day play basketball at the University of Kentucky. He has also started to enjoy gardening which he planted his first indoor garden with his 90 year old great grandmother this summer.
When Alan is asked if he remembers what he went through those 5 years he doesn't but you will often find him flipping through pictures, binders and books that were made along the way. Looking at Alan you see a little boy, shooting hoops, playing video games, on YouTube learning the best basketball moves and texting his friends but he still has a lot of questions about his journey. When asked if he wanted to participate in this year’s CURE awareness program with a pause he shook his head yeah... “We have to keep doing something.” From a child with few words but many thoughts it’s still more to do.

Throughout this journey, Alan and his family has come to know many families that have experienced the journey of childhood cancer some with outcomes like Alan, some that lost their battle and some children who are still fighting to beat cancer, but there are many people that still do not understand and are aware of the importance to tackle cancer head on. Alan and his family continues to participate in other awareness campaign to find a cure which Alan and his family is dedicated to make it known all over the world.

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