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2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Chicago, Illinois

Alicia & Rich's Page

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As many of you know, this is my fourth time raising money for OAR, and after going to dinner with other OAR teammates last year, Rich decided to join me. This will be his first full marathon ever!! Yay!

I'm so glad Rich is joining me this year. I know he decided to run for OAR for the same reason I continue to run for OAR - after meeting some of the families that have autism in their lives every day, hearing their stories, and what it is OAR does for them, it's hard not to run with them. This last year we met a mother who told her story of the struggle of getting her son diagnosed as doctor after doctor told her she was just overly worried. We also heard a father tell about the daily struggles is son goes through with being "different" from other kids his age. And my favorite, was a guy who wore full fireman's gear during the marathon - why? Because, as you might have guessed, a marathon is one heck of a challenge, just as every day life is for young children discovering the world - he made that challenge even more difficult for him than it was for the average runner - just as autism does for young children in every day life.

With the money that these runners, and Rich and I, raise, OAR can give out grants to research groups, as well as hold informative classes, and create pamphlets and books for families new to dealing with autism. One of the great things about OAR is that they don't just give all their money to the biggest bidders, they actaually give grants to various researches at various levels.

On behalf of OAR and the families we run for, Rich and I would like to thank you for stopping to take a look at our page, to donate or to pass along our information. Now, don't forget to wish us some luck!!


Thanks again!

Alicia & Rich

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Alicia & Rich's Page
After our first half together.