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Alissa Farber's Page

Dear Friends & Family,

TEN years ago, I interviewed for a part time position with Citizen Schools, a recent college graduate inspired by the idea of using the after school hours and community volunteers to expand the opportunities of young people in Boston.

TODAY, Citizen Schools is a vibrant national organization, working to close the achievement and opportunity gap for thousands of young people across the country. 

A longitudinal study conducted by the Policy Studies Associates found that when compared to non-participating students in Boston Public Schools, Citizen Schools participants had:

• Higher Math and English Language Arts Scores on State Assessments
• Higher School Attendance rates
• Higher High School Graduation Rates

Recent data shows that in partnership with Citizen Schools, urban public schools are closing the achievement gap between black and white students.

BECAUSE IT WORKS to help students achieve at higher levels as students and as emerging leaders in their schools and communities, I am asking for your help.

PLEASE DONATE what you can to support this critical work.

TOGETHER, we can ensure that more students graduate middle school ready for a college-preparatory high school and on a pathway to college.   

Thank you for your support!

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