In Memory of Nancy McCullough Keeler Katzen


12th Annual Walk to Cure Cancer

Worcester, Massachusetts

In Memory of Nancy McCullough Keeler Katzen

This is my 3rd Walk to Cure Cancer and my first walking in memory of my mother, Nancy McCullough Keeler Katzen.  My mother was diagnosed with cancer December 2008 and passed away December 2009.  I am walking in memory of her as well as in honor of many cancer fighters and survivors.

The treatment that my Mother received was able to prolong her life so that she was able to enjoy her last year taking trips to Ecuador, British Columbia and Alaska. However the treatment was neither curative or particularly pleasant.

By donating money to the UMass Memorial Foundation you will be supporting research to try to find new and better therapies to treat and cure cancer.  The funds  will also benefit equipment, facilities and the medical professionals.  Allowing current cancer patients and ones of the future can recieve the very best care.

If you are interested in reading more about my mother's story check out her blog:

Please join my team and walk in honor of my mother or make a donation and help support the research that will prevent others from being affected. For more information visit

We can make a difference…together!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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