Brad's Jellyfish Jammers


Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day 2008

Brad's Jellyfish Jammers

Hello Everyone!!

If you would like to help our team "The JellyFish Jammers" for the Autism Walk April 27th 2008 you've come to the right place!!

We are walking for and with Bradley Drapeau

Autism Speaks.. It's time to listen!

                       A Little About Brad

We are talking about an incredible 10 year old boy with a very lovable and witty personality. He attends 5th grade at Halliwell Elementary School in North Smithfield RI.

Brad teaches us every day the true meaning of living life to the fullest. He teaches us what is really important in life and it certainly isn't cleaning your house.  We call him "Hurricane Brad"

He teaches us to never give up. He has to work 5x as hard to complete simple tasks, homework, school work, life skills and conformity. But we have to work harder at things that come easy for Brad. One being forgiveness.

Because of Brad, we have learned compassion in the most difficult times. We have learned to laugh when most people would just have to cry.

Brad has taught many of us more than we could possibly teach him.

We don't get upset if we just happen to comehome missing one sneaker because "somehow it got lost in the swamp."

We don't get upset when people stare at us in a store because we start barking like a dog...We just bark too :)  It really is fun!

It really is ok and not life threatening if you go outside and forget to put clothes on...oops.

And hey,  who cares if you let all the chickens loose and your mother has to apologize to the neighbors for the "Nth" time for the chickens going in their yard.

Or you run into strangers yards becasue they have an "Orbit 5100 series" for one of their lawn irrigation sprinklers. Its just the coolest model.

But one the best and treasured thing brads has given us is the opportunity to meet the most incredible human beings along his journey of Autism. Teachers, therapists, caregivers and  parents in the same "club" (That we certainly didn't sign up for) One of those special individuals is  the creator of this web site....Thanks Alli We Love YA!!!


 Thank you so much for helping to support "Our Supports"!! 


The Drapeaus- Jodie, Mark Brad Alex and Lauren




 A special thank you for all of you who made donations off-line. The team appreciates your generosity.

A special shout out to those who made it possible off-line:

Johnsons and Wales University
Jamie Kunta
Reg Mowry
Mrs. Eithier
Bob Mowry

 Thank You Everyone For Donating!! I am so happy that we have raised so much money to help such a great cause!! ~~ Allison

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