Running for Haiti


Running for Haiti

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Running for Haiti

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.  

On June 9, 2013 I ran the Ann Arbor, Michigan Half Marathon in the name of Hands of Light in Action-a non-profit based out of Canton, Michigan, whose mission is "to assist people in need."  I was donning a HOLIA t-shirt as I ran around the beautiful city of Ann Arbor.  I will be traveling with Hands of Light in Action to Haiti this July of 2013 to volunteer for seventeen days.  I completed the race, but I have yet to reach my goal, so I will be raising funds until the end of June!

All donations will be used for my transportation to and around Haiti, as well as for simple foods and bottled water.  If I exceed my fundraising goal, the money will be used for the non-profit to benefit the people of Haiti.  I am not being paid for this trip, it is all volunteer efforts.

I will be traveling with a group through Hands of Light in Action.  We will be visiting and working with orphanages, a "tent camp" of 4,000 people and  a displaced persons camp where 32,000 people have lived since the devastating earthquake of 2010.

We, as a group, will be offering medical treatment as well as physical therapy.  We will be evaluating and treating new and existing patients.  We will be teaching first aid, proper pet care, solar panel installation, and home building.  We will also be running an organized sports camp for 1,000 kids.   We are a large group.  We will be working long, 12-15 hour days.  Our goal is to offer healthy treatment and knowledge that can enourage growth and recovery, even well after we leave.  Necessary goods that we bring down to Haiti will also be distributed.

I hope to go to Haiti to teach, treat, offer, share and learn.

Hands of Light in Action works locally, nationally and internationally with a mission that is simply and beautifully "to assist people in need."  Please feel free to check out their website:

All donations will be sent directly to Hands of Light in Action.  All donations are appreciated so much and will be used wisely. Thank you for the support.  

---If you make a donation and leave me your physical address either in the comment or through my email, I will send you a homemade thank you card--


-Allison Vraniak

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