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3rd Annual Yogathon

Boulder, Colorado

Allyson Levine's Page


Here in Colorado we are gearing up for the third annual Yogathon. This event  is a fundraiser for The Wellness Initiatve, a  non-profit brining yoga to children in public schools. I have worked for this organization for 5 years, and believe in their mission deeply.

Many of my inner city students  have several struggles in their daily lives. Their realities include poverty, incarcerated parents, learning disabilities, obesity and broken homes. I see each time I teach how the practice of yoga empowers, strengthens, and centers these students in countless ways. Yoga skills provide essential lessons in self esteem, mindfullness, and compassion, which are not always taught in the classroom.

This year we were in 34 schools reaching 2500 students. Please consider helping me reach my fundraising goal, so TWI can continue serve youth in need. 

There are several ways for you to offer support:

1)Donate WHATEVER you can, ANY amount makes an impact. Donating through this website is simple and totally secure. You will be emailed a printable record of your donation.

2)Register for the  Yogathon on May 5th at Naropa.

3) Pass this along to anyone who might like to get involved.

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