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Alyssa Chudnofsky's Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. I appreciate the time you are taking to share my thoughts and experiences working as a second-year teaching fellow at the Garfield Middle School in Revere, MA.

Citizen Schools adds hours to the school's day to increase the time for academic support, leadership development, hands-on learning based around 21st century skills, and introduces the importance and feasibility of getting a college education. As a Teaching Fellow, I have two different roles. I have a class of 19 sixth graders who challenge and motivate me every single day. When I am not with my students, I work with our volunteers, or Citizen Teachers, who run our apprenticeship programs. I help bring passionate and caring adults into the classroom to teach students about their careers and expertise. They break the traditional mold of the school day by educating about robotics, architecture, cake decorating, solar cars, theatre, business, and about many other fields. These apprenticeships expose our students to different careers and life paths that otherwise would not be presented to them. Our volunteers are proof that anyone can, and everyone should, play a role in educating our youth.

Students love our apprenticeships because they give them the opportunity to learn without using a textbook or a test. I have five students who participated in our Start a Business apprenticeship with Eastern Bank this past fall. These students designed their own products and business plans. They learned the ins and outs of running their own business and by the end of the semester, they had the opportunity to present their business at the Federal Reserve in Boston. It was inspiring to watch my students speaking to executives, presidents, and business people from different banks and companies from Boston's financial district. Students who were usually shy and timid were walking up to adults with their business cards to begin their networking. Students with special needs were in the front of their Power Point presentation explaining the strategies behind their business proposal. They presented with a sense of confidence and pride that was unlike anything I had seen the entire fall with these twelve-year-olds. I expect the best from my students because I know what they are capable of; I have seen it and I look forward to seeing them as our future businessmen/women.

Every day as teachers we have the opportunity to do something positive for someone else. For a lot of our students the traditional school environment is not working for them. This is our opportunity. So we must ask ourselves: how can we support our students? How can we continue to be innovative for our students? What do our students need to experience success at school?
Our students need many levels and kinds of support. Please help me reach my goal of raising $500 in the next 6 weeks. With your help it can be possible! Can you make a donation of $15 or more?
What does your money help us do?
- $15 provides one month of materials for students to complete high quality academic homework during our structured homework time.
-$20 provides one month of supplies for our CHOICE time activities where students play sports, do art projects, learn yoga, or learn to make pinatas.
-$80 provides one semester of support for one apprenticeship team. An apprenticeship is a focused learning time, where 12 students learn professional skills from a community volunteer. Examples from our campus this term are Solar Cars, Mock Trial, Forensic Accounting, and Mass Poetry Project.
-$150 provides one month of food and supplies for special family events at our schools such as family potlucks. We do these to welcome parents, teachers, and school administrators to come together and share in the learning that their children and students do every day. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!
Take care,
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