Orlando, Florida


On October 4th 2016 our lives changed forever. George was diagnosed with Epilepsy, absence seizures to be exact. What are absence seizures you ask? Don't worry, I hadn't ever heard of them until recently either. Absence Seizures are characterized by a brief loss and return of consciousness. They are also known as Petit Mal Seizures. No, George does not convulse, Thank GOD. Instead, he will 'space out' as he calls it. This happened several times a day, at any given time... During a conversation, during class & even during sports. Most of you know George has a passion for baseball and has played since he was 6. With the news of George's latest diagnosis come news that would hurt him even worse... NO.MORE.BASEBALL . There were quite a few times (after he was diagnosed) where I came to the conclusion that he wasn't being just your normal child and ignoring you or had poor sportsmanship because his team was losing or even making the pitcher wait for him to get ready to bat... This was all absence seizures and I never caught on until recently. Absence seizures can go un-noticed because the 'spacing out' is short lived, about 10 seconds or so. George has since been prescribed Zarontin to help get the seizures under control which he will be on for the rest of his life along with a narcotic as an emergency medicine just in case he has a Grand Mal seizure (also known as convulsing) because it is possible. We are VERY happy to announce George has been seizure free for 4 months and his neurologist has released him to play baseball as long as he stays seizure free.

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