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2017 Boston Marathon Home Team

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Amanda Madden's Page

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, or your Twitter accounts, Facebook feeds, Instagram grams, MySpaces, Vines, Friendsters, etc. to get the word out that I will be running the 2017 Boston Marathon in support of The Home for Little Wanderers. 

Many moons ago, as Paula Abdul blared through my Walkman, I dreamt of becoming the greatest marathon runner of all time, a G.O.A.T. among mere mortals.  Since cassette tapes are a thing of the past, you will find me on April 17th blasting "Straight Up" from my iPhone as I chase down my dreams.

Just so we are clear, I intend on placing 1st in the marathon and who wouldn't want to be associated with donating to a world class athlete.   I will, undoubtedly, beat all male and female competitors: I'm coming for you Shalane Flanagan. Further, because I won't be tired from this short race, I fully intend on helping the clean-up crews recycle all those cups after the event.  I am used to competing in Iron Man competitions weekly... so this will be a yawner.  Heartbreak Hill, Heartbreak Schmill.

All kidding aside, I need your help and support in raising awareness and funds for this amazing cause.

Now let's talk about The Home for Little Wanders for a bit:

With an extensive army of loving, supportive, dedicated family members, I know that I have won the familial jackpot.  Not everyone is so lucky. The Home's work with Massachusetts children is invaluable to our community.  Through family counseling services, their network of foster parents, their residential programs across the state, and so much more; the clinicians, program directors, teachers, and volunteers at The Home work tirelessly to make sure that the most vulnerable members of our community are supported. 

I ask for your donation so that these selfless individuals can continue the amazing work that they do and so the children of Massachusetts, who are not so lucky, can have a chance at a happier life and a brighter future.


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