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Amanda Mckeehan's Fundraising Page

Thank you for checking this site out-

Toby and I have decided to run for New Hope Academy again this year, and we want you to consider supporting our run.

First though we want you to know why we run..... In Galatians, Paul says that the apostles upon meeting him encouraged him to do one thing... remember the poor. That was the only thing they asked of him.... remember the poor.

New Hope Academy remembers the poor. It is a place where the poor are encouraged to break the cycle of poverty and are given the educational, spiritual, and social capital to do this. We would love to see the vision of New Hope spread through the nation. And become one more way that we, the followers of Christ, could remember the poor. So on April 24thToby and I and many others will run for Hope.... Hope for the poor. 

So if you can please support us we want you to know that whatever we raise through your donations we will personally match!!

with our DEEPEST gratitude

toby and amanda




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Many thanks for your support -- 

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