PRBO 2011 Bird-A-Thon


PRBO 2011 Bird-A-Thon

Petaluma, California

PRBO 2011 Bird-A-Thon

Welcome family and friends!

At 2 pm October 2nd my team will begin 24 hours of birding madness to raise funds for PRBO's Palomarin Field Station! 

What is PRBO?
Point Reyes Bird Observatory (or PRBO) is a non-profit organization committed to reducing the negative impact of environmental and land-use change on birds and the ecosystems on which they depend, through research and community outreach. Over the past 33 years, PRBO's Bird-a-Thon has raised over 2.3 million dollars to help protect birds and their habitat!

Okay, so what's a Bird-A-Thon?
The idea of the bird-a-thon is that we have one day to see as many bird species as we can find, as a team. My team is The Lookers, and to spice things up we will be dressed in snazzy formal wear (except, of course, for our rubber boots)! Our search for bird biodiversity will take us throughout Marin County to lagoons, coastal scrub, the shore and more! We will even bird from the car during our travels, and change into our black tie outfits for a night of owling.

Why support the Palomarin Field Station?
Long-term studies in ecology are crucial to recognizing change and improving conservation practices. PRBO's Palomarin Field Station is the longest running mist-netting and bird-banding site west of the Mississippi. There has been constant effort mist-netting here since 1966, and I have been part of this long-term study as a banding intern since March of 2011!

My job is to set up very fine mesh nets at the Palomarin Field Station and at several sites near the station and to take measurements like age, sex, weight and presence of breeding characteristics on the birds we catch in those nets. It's called bird banding because we put a tiny aluminum band with a unique numeric code on every bird we catch. This way, when we recapture birds, we recognize them as individuals and can track their health, age, and development. One of the perks is that I get to see lots of cool birds in the hand during the process! I love my job, and the internship program is one of the key funding destinations for donations to the Palomarin Station!   

Why is bird banding so important?
We use bird banding to get information such as bird population demographics, survivorship and species diversity. Birds are great indicators of the health of their environment, so when we study the ecology of birds, we are actually looking at the health of their ecosystem as a whole! The Palomarin Field Station collects data that contributes to conservation in the face of global climate change, land use change (like deforestation or agriculture) and habitat loss. Long-term stations like Palomarin are how we track changes in nature, and how we minimize our negative impacts.  

Join me in supporting PRBO's Palomarin Field Station by sponsoring me in this year's Bird-A-Thon!

If you have the means and the inclination, I would really appreciate your support! You can sponsor me in either of two ways:

a) with a flat donation

b) per species counted (to give my team that extra push!)

The Lookers usually count between 100 and 160 species, in case you are interested in donating per species.

You can give in any amount and any amount of giving will help me reach my goal of raising $1000 dollars for the Palomarin Field Station!  

Donating through this website is fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. For other options, email

Thank you for supporting me, the work I do, and the organization I'm proud to call home!



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