Amber Ault's Fundraising Page


Amber Ault's Fundraising Page

Amber Ault's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. Donating through this site is simple, fast, and secure. Please be assured your donation is directed immediately to Doctors Without Borders and applied promptly to their tremendous global relief work.

If you've been following my fundraising story, you know my personal goal is to raise money for Doctors Without Borders and to top off the fundraising with an additional award from the Janus Charity Challenge. The Janus Charity Challenge is complete, and we earned over $16,000 for Doctors Without Borders! Our 5th place finish was fabulous - and this effort will literally save the lives of over 350 children.  Together, we got a podium finish in the Janus Charity Challenge and won an additional $2000 for Doctors Without Borders. Thank you, TEAM PLUMPY'NUT!

I'm so passionate about this andI'm continuing to raise money for the purchase and distribution of Plumpy'nut - a nutrient-dense, high-energy food for kids that is revolutionizing the treatment of malnutrition and literally saving lives for the price of about a dollar a day. You can learn about this amazing food, at this link: 

Here is the way we personally connect my summer 08 Ironman triathlon and the serious famines and food crises that are creating dire situations at various places around the globe: WE ARE THEIR AID STATION!  So, please help us go the distance for children literally dying from lack of access to life-sustaining and life-saving nutrition...let's make sure their aid station is stocked with life-saving Plumpy'Nut, which the Doctors Without Borders nutritional program director regards as the equivalent of penicillin---a magic bullet for malnutrition. Every $40 we geneate buys enough Plumpy'nut to save a life by reversing malnutrition. 

Many thanks for your support-- and please keep checking back here for an update on my efforts to fundraise once again as part of the Madison Ironman 2009!!!!!

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Amber Ault's Fundraising Page
Let's win this one for hungry children!