Silas Fundraising Page For those Who can't make the run!


Silas Fundraising Page For those Who can't make the run!

In memory of Our beautiful Son Silas born stillborn

Silas Fundraising Page For those Who can't make the run!

Silas Lee Goodyear

The wonder of a child the hopes, the dreams that you have for your child. At 30 weeks pregnat mine were stolen from my heart. A perfectly healthy baby in the womb and his heart just stopped beating. A friend of mine was with me and said his hand was on my heart. My sweet baby would never breathe a breath of air, I would never know the color of his eyes or see a sweet smile. My son died stillborn. I delievered him ceserian right before Chirstmas December 8th 2012. He was born 3.5 pounds and looked perfect as can be. He has a big brother and big sister. Two children who should never know what it feels like to lose a sibling at this age. Losing their brother will only grow them into the persons they will be. To lose a child has to be the worst loss. I did not have but 2 hours memory with Silas. I got to smooch him, hold him, cry on him, play toys with him, and let him go.

But he is with me everyday of my life. He is my sun when it shines, my cloud when it rains, my sand in the beach, my snowflake in the blizzard, my laughter, love, courage in life. He guards my family everyday. I am so excited to have him look down at me and look at the good I can be doing for other famiies who have lost a child. I know that is what he wants. It is my calling to others. Because of Silas I am able to be there for familes. He has truly shown me the ability to give 100% to others. I love to run and I ran my first 10k 4 months pregnant with Silas. Actuallly I became a runner in March 2012 and pregnant in May 2012...I have been pregant most of my little running life. I will be trainied as a Loss Doula through 11 Angels when the time is right. I feel this organization helps families locally and are now spreading there wings nationally. I am looking for Dontaions in Honor of Silas Lee to 11 Angels. 11 Angels is funded by Star Legacy. So you will see STar legacy on this page. 11 Angels gives bags to familis with litureiture on how to deal with what just happend, a teddy bear, a candle , all things families need so they do not leave the hospital empty handed. Please feel free to look at 11 angels website and the video I posted from 11 angels. The video is what every family should receive in the time of loss. 


Silas Michael Kvien

5lb. 11oz

Silas.  What a great name, isn't it? A name I loved from the moment I found out I was having a little boy.  A name I "won" with my husband to name our son ;) The name that put a smile on our face every time we spoke of him before he was born. The same name that forever changed our lives.  You see, my Silas was born into Heaven in our very own living room.  I guess I can begin by introducing myself; my name is Molly Kvien.  My husband Andy and I were married in July of 2011 on beautiful Lake Superior on a perfectly sunny day.  It was incredible! I have wanted to have children for as long as I can remember, so naturally as soon as we were married, I wanted to start trying to have children.  Knowing my history and body, I knew I would need some help from a fertility specialist.  Thanks be to God, we got pregnant after just a few months with medical intervention.  In August of 2012 I found out I was expecting! Our Father had blessed us with a baby, to which we learned was a little boy.  Due April 21st, Silas Michael would give his mommy a huge surprise when he decided he had enough of the Braxton Hicks and preterm labor and wanted OUT!  On March 30, 2013 I woke up with much stronger and frequent, painful contractions.  As I continued to labor at home, go for a walk with daddy, and try to just relax, I simply knew he was on his way.  We called our midwife who preceeded to come over around 7pm and told me to get into the birthing tub we already had set up a couple nights prior.  With a planned homebirth, I had done a lot of preparing as far as natural relaxation techniques...or so I thought.  After roughly 2.5 hours of intense labor and pushing, Silas was born into my arms at 921pm.  What I thought was the greatest moment of my entire life turned into the worst moment of my life.  My baby wasn't crying.  Our midwife could see the umbilical cord wasn't pulsing, dispite him having a great heartbeat my entire labor.  She quickly took him and started to perform the necessary resuscitation measures to get that little heart started again.  It was unsuccessful.  Our precious love was already gone.  The details are still foggy to me to this day, as I simply remembered screaming out to God to save my baby. I was still in the birthing tub, helpless.  I thought I had NO doubt in my mind I would here my peanut's first cry, but it never happened. My husband was so torn between being by my side in the tub, and being with Silas as they tried to revive him.  As the moments past, (which felt more like hours) I just knew.  I told her to just bring him to me, I needed to see him, hold him against me. I remember feeling like I was just having a nightmare and I would wake up soon. I was in total shock, like it truly wasnt real.  I will never forget holding him for a very short couple hours; I just snuggled him like a little teddy bear, not wanting to ever EVER let go. I still feel what it felt like to have him on my chest.  I secretly prayed and thought maybe, just maybe if I have him skin to skin, that his heart might start again.  

I know God was with us, crying as we cried; hurting as we hurt.  As He knows all too well what it is like to lose a son, He holds us up as we continue to endure this life changing experience every day.  We are still standing, because our God gives us strength, grace and hope for the future.  We miss our son more than words can describe, and I know that he is with us, forever in our hearts.  I wonder what he would look like today, what color his eyes would be, his personality, and everything in between.  I long for the day I see him again!

As the weeks passed by,  I learned our son shared his name with another woman's son who was also born still in Minnesota.  Amber and I share something that no parents ever want to share, but it is also a bond that nobody else can understand.  We were not meant to go through this heartache alone.  Please consider contributing to this amazing cause; it means more then you know.  God bless you!


And so you see two baby boys watch over us from above. Please watch the video that I posted to this as you will learn more of the cause you are donating for. We want to always be here for other families that will sadly have to go through what we have and are going thorugh.

We are having a run/walk October 5th and part of the proceeds will go to 11 Angels but we wanted to make it more. We want to help 11 angels as each family loses a child they need to know they are not alone.  

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