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I love Citizen Schools.

I want you to love it too.

Here's the big question...

What is Citizen Schools?
It's something that can't really be explained in little paragraph (or even a big one), but here is the summary of what I do: Citizen Schools is a nationwide program that supports low-performing (and usually low-income) middle schoolers after school. Think of it as an extended learning day, but not just an extra Academic class and a structured homework time, but with classes that start these young minds thinking about how to succeed beyond middle school.

We plant the idea of college in our students' minds through our College to Career Connections class. We explain the college process, the classes you need to take, the commitment it requires, the finances that need to be sorted out and most importantly, how college can lead you to your dream career.

We also pay very close attention to their grades. Through Academic League in Campbell, they have extra support in Math skills, homework, and create their own goals to meet by the end of the year for their grades.

What makes Citizen Schools unique is our Apprenticeships. Just like it sounds, our students become apprentices of adult volunteers in our community. For 10 weeks, they learn how to build robots from Engineers who work in the area and have a robot competition after! Or, how to prepare foods from around the world and share it with their family to show off their new cuilinary skills, or create a video game with the help of Google employees.I recently taught these middle schoolers Basics of Computer Architeture with an employee of Oracle. In other campuses, apprentices are learning golf fundamentals with Facebook staff and how to start your own business model and sold handmade candles to families and friends. At the end of the 10 weeks, every campus shows off what they learned to the community through an event (appropriately) called a WOW! These apprenticeships teach them 21st Century Learning Skills AND how to congratulate themselves and their accomplishments with their family, something most of us don't do enough of.

On top of all that learning, our apprentices do have fun! Choice Times are a time for them to play Gaga ball in the cafeteria, knit a scarf to bring home to their parents, watch a movie or just run around in the playground. Our Explore! Times are special activities that everyone gets to do together. We went to the pumpkin patch for Halloween, had a HUGE game of Capture the Flag, and are planning to throw in a few eating contests before the year is over.

There are many ways to support our youth through Citizen Schools. You can give your time and become a Citizen Teacher and teach an apprenticeship, or you can give your money and help fund the College to Career Connections, Academic League, Apprenticeships, and Choice Time, Explore!

If you're interested in donating your time and talents, visit

If you can help fund our amazing program, your money will be used in our California campuses in Campbell, Oakland, Redwood City and East Palo Alto.





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