Andrea's Read A Thon Fundraising Page

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Andrea's Read A Thon Fundraising Page

Andrea's Read A Thon Fundraising Page

If you know me at all, you know I love reading. And if you know me pretty well, you know I used to be a volunteer adult literacy tutor. That's why I'm participating in the Read A Thon for Open Books, a cool literacy organization that serves kids and adults in their used bookstore-slash-tutoring center in Chicago and brings literacy programming directly to kids in public schools.

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For the month of May (actually, May 1 through 26), I will be reading like crazy. It will also be a really busy month for me -- I've got a lot of events planned, and I'll be having another birthday -- but I've set an ambitious page goal of 2500 pages. That's 10 average sized novels. I'll update people here on my progress, so check back as May wears on to see how I'm doing.


Is there a book you're always trying to get everyone to read? Well, now you can make ME read it. Give $50 or more and you can specify a book -- I'll read at least 100 pages of it. $75 or more and I'll read at least 200 pages. Give $100 or more and I'll read the whole thing (max 400 pages) and post a video book report on YouTube.

The book you pick has to be something I haven't already read and something no one else has picked yet. Of course it also has to be something I am able to get my hands on a copy of, so if it's out of print and the library doesn't have it, you might have to lend it to me. It has to be a narrative of some kind, so no product manuals or phone books or the like just to torture me. And there's a read-a-thon rule that all pages have to be from a book, so no magazines or other forms of media.

Other than those caveats, it can be anything. You can give me nightmares with horror, teach me something with nonfiction, even attempt to convert me with apologetics or scripture. (Although I am going to try to make the video book reports funny, so if you can't stand to see jokes mixed with references to your holy book, maybe the scripture one isn't a good idea.)

Each individual can pick only one book, no matter how much over $100 you give or how few pages the book has. Teams of smaller donors may band together to jointly request one book - each person must agree on the book choice. I reserve the right to close this offer when I reach my dollar goal of $1000 if I have at least 2500 pages lined up to read as a result of it.

Once you have made your donation, specify your book with the book specification form. If you are banding together as a team of smaller donors, once everyone has completed their component donations, designate one of you to fill out the book specification form and put everyone's names in the "Name" field and everyone's emails in the "Email" field.


Thanks for supporting me and the cause of literacy! You rock.

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