The Manasseh Project


The Manasseh Project

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Manasseh Project

500,000 people are coming Grand Rapids to celebrate beauty. ArtPrize 2012 will be an opportunity for you to promote not just aesthetic beauty, but also the beauty only a community that prizes justice can reveal.

Our ArtPrize campaign will span all 19 days of the event. 7 exhibits. 30,000 balloons. 15,000 boxes of water. 45,000 handbills. 2 Large Speaking events. 1,000 Volunteers. 6 weeks of education to follow ArtPrize.

We’re telling the story of exploitation. You will be writing the solutions in the streets of our community! 

We invite you to financially support the art, the message, and the movement. Individuals and families are welcome to give. We've built our momentum on small gifts and passion. We hope that you'll play a role in advancing the cause!

Additionally, we invite your organization and/or business to sponsor the event! By giving $500 (before July 30), your organization will be honored in the following ways:

1 - Your logo will be placed on all of our street volunteer t-shirts - an estimated 1,000 visible folks on the streets for 10 hours a day for all 19 days of ArtPrize.

2 -Your company will be promoted through social feeds and on our website.

3 - You're organization will be listed in the Wedgwood Christian Services 'Impact' - our bi-annual newsletter to 6,500 West Michigan families and business.

If you're interested in giving a gift of $250, your organization's name will be listed on the shirts and receive recognition in the Impact as well.

To become an official sponsor, please contact Andy Soper, Project Coordinator at 616-644-7517 or email

Volunteers and donations from your organization will be a blessing to us and a part of a paradigm shift in our community!

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