Sponsor or Join Andy on his 11/4 Ride for Lewy!


Sponsor or Join Andy on his 11/4 Ride for Lewy!

In memory of Wayne Matteis- my brother

Sponsor or Join Andy on his 11/4 Ride for Lewy!

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.  

Once again, I am organizing a spinning event on November 4th at 1:30PM to raise money for research, caregiving and support for patients and families dealing with Lewy Body Dementia-a devastating disease that took my brother Wayne over five years ago. All of us who knew Wayne remember what kind of person he was-intelligent, warm, caring and enthusiastic about life, his family and his friends.  His life journey was filled with success and great relationships- a great husband and father of two, a dedicated teacher, and finally an Assistant Principal in Rye, New York.  Wayne was a highly engaged "great guy" to many and was always ready for great conversation and of course good food! (especially sweet potatoes and jelly donuts!). As a brother, he was my buddy, my closest confidante and a tremendous mentor and cheerleader as I charted my own course through life.  Wayne approached everythig with high energy and optimism and had that "spark of life"- a passion that touched all who knew him.  I will always remember and miss that smile; it was a window to a heart that was brimming with empathy and kindness.  

Wayne was affilicted with Lewy Body Dementia in his late fifities and started to suffer symptoms of Parkinson's, confusion and even hallucinations which progressed steadily until it took his life. This disease was terrible for Wayne and   heart breaking for all of us to witness the decline of this wonderful man.   Wayne's death mobilized me to do my small part to help ease the suffering of others and potenitally eradicate this disease.

Several years ago, I joined the Board of the Lewy Body Dementia Association to   to help raise awareness, catalyze research, and provide caregiving dollars to help families and combat Lewy Body Dementia. The LBDA is a great organization with extraordinarily talented and dedicated people who work diligently to raise awarenes of Lewy Body Dementia, provide help to victims and families coping with this disease and most recently to help drive more research to develop more effective diagnosis and treatment of LBD.

Many thanks in advance for reading this and offering support for a cause that is so important to me. Know that your dollars will go the the LBDA where it will do much to alleviate the suffering of victims and provide caregiving dollars to help find a cure for this disease.  I would love to see you at the spinning event on November 4th if you can make it and would feel honored if you could help me meet my target goal of raising $10,000 from this event.  And also feel free to forward this firstgiving page to any friends who might me willing to give or donate on this fundraising page or the LBDA.org website.  If you want to help with a fundraising page of your own, please log on to firstgiving.com and follow the simple instructions to set up a page.  Every additional dollar helps tremendously.

 Thanks so much for your generosity to a cause that touches me to the core.  And for those who participated and gave last year, I sincerely appreciate your repeated recognition of the importance of helping others dealing with the trauma of this disease. For those of you who can attend the RIde for Lewy, I look forward to seeing you in November!!

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