Vermont City Marathon


Vermont City Marathon

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Vermont City Marathon

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I am, Angella Morin Joslyn, a mother of four, a second grade teacher and a community helper.  I am very healthy and energetic.  I am attempting to run a marathon for the first time. 

I just want to raise money for the cause of non-small cell lung cancer which is affecting people as healthy as I am without ever have smoked.  My family, friends and I are still shocked that I would have been susceptible to cancer as they know how healthy I eat and how active I am. 

I have just found out in 2009 that I have stage IV non-small cell lung cancer.  I will have this the rest of my life.  After my diagnosis, my blood clotting of my legs, I had to struggle to walk again, and get back to my family.  Thankfully I am always healthy and active and that has benefitted to my comeback.  I found out about the blood clotting when I was competing in the New England Mountain series.  If I ran all the races set up then I could get into the Mount Washington race automatically the next year.  With 3 races left I had the start of the clotting (not knowing).  Thankfully I am one determined person and completed them all with some pain.  I was then diagnosed July 26th with the cancer. 

Friends and family put on a benefit race for my family and I in this difficult time in October of 2009 & 2010.   This show of community support has shown me how much people can affect others.  I in return would like to give back to cancer research.  I am back to running (not as fast and with as much competition) and want to help others with a similar situation. 

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