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21st Annual Cliff Walk for A.L.S.

Sagamore, Massachusetts
Training buddies Janice Ferrara

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For me, the giving back is personal. I remember the day like it was yesterday . . . I am speaking of the day we heard my mother’s diagnosis from the doctor . . . “You have ALS.”

I have seen first hand the devastation that families face when that diagnosis of ALS is made (also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's Disease). I wanted to find a way to help others with their needs as they sat, watching helplessly as their loved ones deteriorated.  We were fortunate to have a wonderful father who could hold the family together both emotionally and financially. But what if we did not?  

Hundreds of families in Massachusetts face financial ruin, loss of home and loss of work, while trying to support their family member who is suffering with this appalling disease.  That is when we all went to work to make my mothers ideals of helping others be realized. Can you make the decision to help?

— Can you help us to financially assist these families who are losing the breadwinner
or the mother or the son or daughter?

— Will you make a life changing difference in their family and work toward a cure?

— I am asking you as a friend and business colleague, will you join me with a generous
donation to meet our goal of $250,000?

— Let’s discuss what we can do together to make it happen!

ALS is a devastating, unforgiving disease that took away my mother's life in small ways, every day, eventually leaving her totally dependent on us. There was no medication that could reverse the disease’s destruction of her body – no physical therapy could make her whole again – no hope for our family as we watched her become weaker until even breathing was too difficult.  She passed away in September of 2000.


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Anthony Ferrara's Page
My mother, Janice Ferrara