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Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation

9th Annual Penguin Plunge

Arianna Tullis's Page

I am excited to plunge with the Chemosabes!  It is a good cause to raise money for.   My mom works with Cancer Services and the money helps our community.

My Papa Rod (my mom's dad) died of cancer 10 months before I was born and I never got a chance to meet him.  That makes me sad.   I would like to help others with cancer.

"Kemosabe is the term of endearment and catchprhase used by...the Native American sidekick, Tanto, ... from the Lone Ranger....It is sometiimes translated as 'trusty scout' or faithful friend'..."  (Wikipedia)

So my mom's tribe is the Chemosabes with Jan Fritz as the fearless leader "the Known Ranger".  We are all her faithful sidekicks and the trusty scouts or friends of all the people they treat.

I hope you will help too!

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