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Gordon Chambers's Page

I think it's important for people to support Samaritan's Feet right now because even in leaner times of a recession in America, we still have so much more means and resources than so many in the world. Shoes on one's feet is a basic human right than no man with clothes in his back could deny another human being.

And growing up in suburban New Jersey, my father often reminded my younger brother and I that he had one pair of shoes during his elementary school years in Montego Bay, Jamaica to wear to school everyday on a five mile walk both to and from, and that my grandfather insisted that he shine them every morning and evening. Daddy in turn often made us shine his shoes for him, and made sure we kept our shoes and sneakers in good condition. This story and ritual around shoes reminded me of the sacrifices that were made for my education and possibilities in the world. I've never taking my good fortune for granted, and so an organization like this speaks deep to my soul and to that of my heritage.

Being a world traveler who has traveled to every single continent on earth I have witnessed great wealth and intense poverty. I truly believe these gaps can be closed through creative humanitarian organizations like this one. Many well-to-do or middle class or working class people are happy to give to causes if they are told how to do it. And Samaritan's Feet humanizes the giving efforts so effectively.


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